"I'm impressed with not just the scope of the proposal but also of it's clarity and professionalism. They understand how to take a non-technical situation and make the ideas work. Super creative and very knowledgeable. The response to our website increased tenfold once NI43D took over."

Sherron Winer - New Martinsville, West Virgina 26155

We build fully responsive websites. We'll discuss with you why it's important for any new development.

Development Partners
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Dedicated webmasters are available right now to complete your updates quickly and to specification.

    Graphic Intense.  Mobile Friendly.  Professional.  Contemporary.  Secure.  Rigorously Tested.

    Website Development Process

    Initial Consultation

    NI43D is based in Gurnee, IL. If you're close to us we'd love to meet you in person, otherwise, we can speak with you over the phone or via email and discuss your new site. We'll gather information about your business, industry, your target demographic and your competition. NI43D will explain your development options and help you decide what's best for you. We will discuss a timeline, budget, deliverables and begin drafting an outline for your review.

    Outline & Proposal

    Having a clear understanding of what you want, NI43D will draft a work agreement and proposal that will outline; the tasks that are to be completed, the time frame, any project deliverables (hosting, maintenance, backup and project files), the estimated cost and your payment options. Our proposal is valid for (7) seven business days and we ask that in that time the proposal be signed and a significant deposit be made. View our example Work Agreement & Proposal.

    In-House Concepting

    We count our resources and further define the website's basic functionality. We create basic concepts and begin mapping out our path for the user through the site. We use placeholder elements to present to you for an initial concept to get you to thinking about overall design and function. We take this rough draft and implement it on a private server that only you have access to. You can follow our progress in real time by visiting the development URL we provide.

    Development & Functionality

    The platform, the basic functionality, the ease of use and navigation through your website. What language you'll develop in, how secure your site needs to be, how much traffic you'll need to handle, how efficient and streamlined the process is to buy your products, etc. All these core functions of your website will be mapped out and developed to basic functionality. By now we are starting to think about design and aesthetics and things are beginning to fall into place.

    Collaboration With Client

    Now that we have a solid platform and most of the structure of the site developed, we can begin thinking about the design or cosmetic appeal of your site. You can tell us about other websites that caught your attention or we can create dozens of visual concepts to show you. We will continue to show you things until you like what your seeing. Once we've thoroughly talked about different styling options with you we'll begin to incorporate these things into your project.

    Design & Aesthetics

    The look, the feel, the interactivity... We want your site to look great and function properly. The visual appeal of your website is determined by several factors including; ideas from you, your target demographic as well as other info we've picked up along the way. Customizing everything from fonts and colors to the website's navigation. NI43D builds websites to be responsive on mobile devices so everyone sees the same thing.

    Search Engine Optimization

    We collect statistical information and use it to modify your website to broadcast the right signals to search engines like Google™ or Bing™. We add initial meta data and install Google Analytics™ as well as other proprietary tools. Over time, we learn what search terms people are using, where people are coming from on the internet, what content is doing well and why and much more. We look for improvements and make adjustments to your site's code as necessary.

    Security & Testing

    The website's completed and we've had multiple users look through and test your site for any remaining errors. We'll now perform security checks to ensure your site is not vulnerable to attack. If your site handles financial transactions we will create SSL Certificates and use a secured protocol. If you have submission forms we will implement Google reCAPTCHA™ and prevent robots from submitting them. It's time for your approval!

    Client Approval & Housekeeping

    The site stands 95% complete. You'll take one final look through everything and check for any grammatical errors or content changes. Before going live with the site, your final changes will be made, as well as a few other housekeeping tasks that we will do in order to optimize the website's overall performance. Adding caching mechanisms or reducing file and image sizes. Commenting and cleaning up code so that future programmers will know what they're looking at.

    Public Debut & Promotion

    The site has been thoroughly tested and any final changes and optimizations are complete. We're ready to launch the site to the public. Typically we launch new websites @ 12:00am [CST]. After launch we'll submit sitemaps to all the major search engines as well as integrate Google Analytics®, Google Webmaster Tools® and other 3rd party tools into your site.

    Management & Support

    The project may be completed, but we're not finished. We'll stick around after deployment and iron out any bugs that may arise and look for enhancements wherever possible. We'll backup your site, monitor your analytics and assist you with future decision making with respect to 3rd party marketing and advertising campaigns. NI43D has dedicated webmasters that will update your site after its launch, making relatively simple changes free of cost.

    3rd Party Marketing & Advertising

    NI43D will put you in contact with our marketing and advertising agencies. We can install 3rd party tools which help you convert sales and gain new leads through forensics. Although we do not provide these tools or services, our clients have us install and work with them on a regular basis. There are many routes you can go after your website is doing well and we can help advise you on that process.



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    • NI43D has hosted my website for the last 8 years and anything that I have asked be done has been done in a very timely manner. I had a problem with an old phone number showing up on the search engines and they went in and removed it.

      Richard Voss - St. Charles, Illinois 60175
    • It's been a real pleasure working with NI43D. They are ambitious, excellent listeners, perfectionists and their knowledge is vast. Thorough, detail oriented, well motivated and proactive!

      Jeanne Kelly - Danbury, Connecticut 06810
    • NI43D saves us a significant amount of money each year hosting our website. I wish we found them earlier! They helped resurrect our blog with new content and add fresh ideas to the site. Being a large commercial company I wasn't sure they could handle our hosting requirements and development concerns, but I was pleasantly surprised and am very grateful for their time and expertise with our website.

      Ford Pearson - Chicago, Illinois 60175
    • There's no point in having a website if it doesn't work for the user. NI43D was able to make my site function in a predictable way and they listened and were responsive to each and every concern that I brought to their attention. I tend to be a perfectionist which NI43D was willing to oblige. They are reliable and attentive to details. My site works beautifully thanks to their expert skills and dedication to things working perfectly. I now have a vibrant presence on the internet and I know I can count on them whenever any problem or future need arises. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality experience with a personal touch.

      Claudia Rosen - Evanston, Illinois 60201
    • NI43D has been my webmaster for close to 7 years now. My website is amazing. I am very pleased with my website, as well as the fact that they are happy to update or change things as I see fit to change them. They offer me brilliant design ideas and smart web traffic suggestions especially for the needs of my of specific business. I would recommend them to anyone. NI43D does a great job!

      Kelly La Banco - Chicago, Illinois 60610
    • NI43D was a pleasure to work with. At times it seemed as though they could read my mind on what we wanted for our website. They worked fast and were always days ahead of schedule. I appreciate all that NI43D did for our business and would recommend their services to anyone.

      Kim Conrad - Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405
    • Website they created turned out better than I expected. NI43D was very professional and creative with lots of great ideas. Business has went up since! Thanks guys!

      Nick Favia - Northbrook, Illinois 60062
    • If your looking for mediocre, impersonal drive through service... Look elsewhere! In today's market, the only thing I need to hear from someone I hire is - "consider it done". NI43D gets the job done.

      Sean Kravitz - Northbrook, Illinois 60175
    • An "eye" for 3D! was instrumental in helping our company revamp and modernize our website. Taking us from a very amateur looking site, to a valuable tool to reach our existing client base and expand it. Their quick response time even impressed the people at the site we were advertising to. I would recommend NI43D in a heartbeat!

      Kevin Clark - Irving Park, Illinois 60618
    • Wow, amazing amazing amazing!! Great to work with them. Every step of the way they communicated with me and with their excellent expertise in web development, explained exactly how far along they were, what they had finished and what else needed to be done. Basically, I received constant status reports that NI43D offered on their own. Very understanding and patient. I had a few requests after the project was completed and they always cooperated and things went smoothly. Absolutely great pricing, 100% reliable and on time. I would definitely recommend NI43D for any job on the web!!

      Angelina Farzam - Hamburg, Germany 20999
    • I have been working with NI43D for over 10 years. Whenever I have an update, urgent or minor, they are just an email or phone call away. My updates are done immediately upon request. No one provides the strategy, results or customer service that they can. They do great work!

      Mike Wienandt - Greenville, Wisconsin 54942
    • A web presence is essential to today's business. You need a site that is clean, well done and easy to navigate. On top of that, you need support you can count on when you need it. I have worked with "An "eye" for 3D!" for about 5 years and they deliver all of that and more. They design, host and maintain all of my websites and are THE ONLY company I recommend. On the ball, prompt, knowledgable, just simply on top of things. Love these guys!!

      Keryl Pesce - Poughkeepsie, New York 12601
    • NI43D has designed a number of websites for us over the years and has ALWAYS done an outstanding job in a timely manner. They seem to understand what look we're going for and their suggestions have always been top notch. I would recommend NI43D to anyone looking for a first rate website.

      Darrell Sitarz - Wheaton, Illinois 60187