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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" is an important part of any online venture or serious publication. SEO is basically targeted meta data and content which includes; keywords, page and image descriptions, naming images and documents correctly, adding title and alternate descriptions to links and images, removing redundancy throughout your website and adding new content such as videos, images or original articles. Adding this meta data and new content adds to your website's overall presence and saturation in the online marketplace. As long as you continue to add new content and drive new traffic to your website, the search engines and users in general, will begin to view your website as a popular or trusted resource. Becoming a popular or trusted resource means that the search engines will deliberately re-index your website and content more often. As users search keywords and find themselves choosing your website over other websites, those searched keywords become more relevant and associated with your domain name. As your domain name becomes the most selected resource amongst those search terms, the search engines begin to rank you up as the most recognized resource when searching those specific keywords.

Targeting a certain demographic and bringing new traffic to your website requires time, research and skill. You may already get a ton of traffic to your website but you may find people aren't staying on your pages long enough or aren't going through with their orders. This could be due to many reasons. In order to improve click-through, overall traffic, length of visit, product and service sales, as well as search engine rankings, you're going to want to make sure your website is broadcasting a clear signal to the public.

Search engines like Bing™ or Google™ index your content, survey your traffic, check your integrity and rank you up accordingly - it's an evolutionary process. Completing these optimizations and seeing results isn't something that can be done in one day... Yes, adding actual code and making content changes could literally be done in a day's time depending on the size or your website, but achieving better ranking in search engines takes time. Typically 2 weeks to notice any progress at all and about 3 months to notice a significant improvement in your rank and traffic. You simply can't expect your site to be doing dramatically better over night. Even if you make major SEO changes on day one, the major search engines may not re-index your site again for 30-60 days. That means the search engines won't even know of any improvements to your site for at least a few weeks.

Participating in paid AD campaigns i.e. pay per click, external marketing, lead generation etc. can lead to new avenues of traffic for your site as well as expedite the page ranking process.

Here is a very small list of things that can improve your overall search engine ranking:
  • Adding Unique Meta Data That Targets A Specific Audience
  • Correctly Naming Images, Web Pages, Videos, Photos & Audio According To Its Subject Matter
  • Adding Website Elements That Keep Users On Your Pages Longer Such As: Video, Audio & Photos
  • Interactivity & Unique Engaging Content
  • PR & News Articles
  • Forums, Blogs & Newsletters
  • Name & Email Capturing Databases
  • Social Media Integration
  • Product & Sales Incentives
  • Website Sitemap, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use & Legal Disclaimer Pages
  • Submitting Your Domain Name To Popular Search Engines
  • Creating Different Formats & Platforms That Your Website Will Be Viewable On (Mobile Devices Such As Tablets Or Cellphones)
  • Adding Additional Native Languages Your Website Can Be Translated Into For Users Viewing Your Site From A Different Country
  • Having The Copy Or Textual Content On Your Website Edited By Someone With A Strong Background In Writing & Composition
  • Starting A Paid Ad Campaign or Lead Generation Service
  • Adding SSL Certification
  • Adding A "Robots.txt" File
  • Adding Secure Content Certificates & Seals Of Authenticity
  • Changing Your Domain Name From Public To Private Registration

We focus on collecting analytic and statistical information gathered by your website over time and using this information to modify your website. It involves adding initial data and installing a tracking platform. We then monitor and revise your site's data as needed, learning what search terms people are using, where people are coming from on the internet, what pages and content are doing well and why. By analyzing this information we can look for improvements and make adjustments to your site as necessary. There are many methods we can use to make your site perform well and become a success. Talk to one of our professional webmasters today and learn how we can improve your website's overall performance.

Your online success reflects upon our quality of work, so we make sure a strong SEO foundation is at the core of any new website's development. If you already have a website you're one step ahead of the game, but there is a very good chance your developer hasn't done any SEO work as part of their contract with you. We can investigate and perform search engine optimizations to your existing site and provide you with a detailed outline of what we will do, why it will work and how we expect your site to achieve new and lasting results.